Bass Lure Rods

At Mikes Custom Rods I see quality as our priority, not quantity. Working together we will advise on blanks, to rod guides. Only top branded quality rod blanks & components are used to build our fishing rods. I can source blanks from most major manufacturers. Only top quality threads & finishes are used in my workshop, personalise your rod with your thread colours & designs.


There are three models within the ‘Silky Sea Bass’ range, the 8ft 6″, 9ft 6″ & 10ft 6″. All three have the true essence of Japanese blanks; they are fast actioned but truly have the fish playing capabilities required by the modern lure angler. The action itself progresses from the 8ft 6’ blank, which is a pure lure rod; this blank has great strength and speed from tip to butt.

The 9ft 6″ is the blank in the middle of the range, capable of distance casting and working virtually everything that is put before it. The extra foot in length increases the sensitivity of the tip making soft plastic work a bonus on this all round blank.

Finally, the longest blank is the 10ft 6″; the extra length on this blank can give you those extra metres you are looking for to get lures working at distance.

All three blanks are Japanese fast action, the tip recovery from compressed is quick to recover allowing the line/braid to flow through the guides with ease. The blanks are of 2-piece construction featuring low diameter spigot joints. The tips measure in at 2mm extending to a butt measurement of only 13mm on the 8ft 6″ & 9ft 6″, the 10ft 6″ is 14mm at the butt.

The ‘Silky’ range of blanks are above the normal build of the standard ‘T-Russell’ blanks, they are positioned between ‘normal’ and ‘super’, being sensitive & lightweight. The action of fast is just that, with a crisp recovery from compressed, they are what we have come to expect in terms of quality & feel from the Japanese market of lure blanks.

The ‘T-Russell’ ‘Silky Sea Bass’ range of blanks are made in Japan, and maybe as close as you can get to having one series of blanks to cover most eventualities. ‘Super’, ‘Sensitive’ & lightweight, these are modern lure blanks that you can work all day with a progressive action, enjoy your angling experience and feel the fish at the other end

With more and more use of ‘soft plastics (SP’s)’ in modern lure angling these blanks are sensitive to feel every twitch and movement, they are excellent at transferring all the small details from lure to hand.

All blanks cast 8-28 grams and share the common line class of PE 0.6 – 1.5. The action is fast with construction in 2-piece low diameter spigot


Three blanks at a lower weight casting 8-28g, line class PE0.6-1.5. These blanks are available in 8ft 6″, 9ft 6″ & 10ft 6″. They have the same JDM fast tip recovery class action as the ‘Silky’ range we know, and have kept the sporting fish playing sensitivity. The blanks have spigot joints and are of a slimmer build than the previous range



  • Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) technology
  • Advanced Reinforcing Technology (ART)
  • Super high-modulus SCVI graphite with NSi resin in lower section for added power with reduced weight. Featuring 3M Matrix Resin for unparalleled strength and durability.
  • High-modulus/high-strain SCV graphite with NSi resin and carbon-matte scrim. Featuring 3M Matrix Resin for unparalleled strength and durability.
  • Slim-profile ferrules.
  • Phenomenally sensitive, light and smooth casting.


Length / Cast / Line / Action / Power / Pieces 

8ft 6′ / 5-21g / 8-12lb / Fast / M / 2

8ft 6′ / 8-28g / 8-17lb / Fast/ MH / 2

8ft 6′ / 10-50g / 12-25lb / Fast / H / 2

9ft / 1-10g / 4-8lb / Mod / L / 2

9ft / 3-17g / 6-10lb / Fast / ML / 2

9ft / 5-21g / 8-12lb / Fast / M / 2

9ft / 8-28g / 8-17lb / Fast / MH / 2

9ft / 10-50g / 12-25lb / Fast / H / 2

9ft 6′ / 1-10g / 4-8lb / Mod L / 2

9ft 6′ / 3-17g / 6-10lb / Fast / ML / 2

9ft 6′ / 5-21g / 8-12lb / Fast/ M / 2

9ft 6′ / 8-28g / 8-17lb / Fast / MH / 2

9ft 6′ / 10-50g / 12-25lb / Fast / H / 2


  • Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) technology.
  • Premium, high-modulus SCIII graphite.
  • Superb sensitivity, extreme strength and durability, incredibly light and an outstanding value.
  • Slim-profile ferrules.


Length / Cast / Line / Action / Power / Pieces

8ft 6′ / 5-21g / 8-12lb / Fast / M / 2

8ft 6′ / 8-28g / 8-17lb / Fast / MH / 2

8ft 6′ / 10-50g / 12-25lb / Fast / H / 2

9ft / 3-17g / 6-10lb / Fast / ML / 2

9ft / 5-21g / 8-12lb / Fast / M / 2

9ft / 8-28g / 8-17lb / Fast / MH / 2

9ft / 10-50g / 12-25lb / Fast / H / 2

9ft 6′ / 3-17g / 6-10lb / Fast / ML / 2

9ft 6′ / 5-21g / 8-12lb / Fast / M / 2

9ft 6′ / 8-28g / 8-17lb / Fast / MH / 2

9ft 6′ / 10-50g / 12-25lb / Fast / H / 2

10ft 6′ / 1-7g / 2-6lb / Slow / UL / 2

10ft 6′ / 3-17g / 6-10lb / Fast / ML / 2

10ft 6′ / 5-21g / 8-12lb / Fast / M / 2

10ft 6′ / 10-50g / 12-25lb / Mod / H / 2

11ft / 1-10g / 4-8lb / Mod / L / 2



7ft casting 5-30g

7ft6′ casting 5-30g

8ft casting 15-45g

8ft casting 30-75g

9ft casting 5-30g

9ft casting 15-45g

9ft casting 30-75g

9ft casting 45-90g

9ft casting 60-120g

10ft casting 15-45g

10ft casting 30-75g

10ft casting 60-120g




  • Two equal sections.
  • Casting weight of 5-45grams.
  • Recommended line – 0.8PE-2.0PE / 8-15lb monofilament.
  • Padded rod case with all rods.

There will forever be the arguments both for and against long and short rods and lure fishing. This rod, the 11ft version of this lure series isn’t interested in arguments, only performance across a wide band of methods. It’s not a rod that will do everything, nor is any other. Indeed, it was borne of certain needs and requirements. The prototype has been tested across many methods and varied conditions for some time, each outing performing in a manner befitting it’s design but, over this interim period between conception and release, has shown what really lies under the hood.

At 11ft 2 equal sections it’s a rod that has reach, power and versatility. It has extreme range for a range of lures at the heart of its design brief. It is a near through parabolic action rod that loads and loads but recovers very quickly. This is something the whole range has captured throughout the various lengths, seemingly allowing more out, than you put in. This feature, though a welcome mechanical illusion of fine materials is allowing it to cast lighter more aerodynamic lures on light test lines whilst at the same time having enough flex to allow the adept angler to protect those lines.

The rod is very happy casting a wide band of weights from 7g to 50g (1/4oz to around 1 3/4oz). It performs with both mono and braided lines. Mono in the 6 to 12lb class and braids in the 0.6PE to 2.0PE. Practical fishing situations where the anglers needed to cast 1oz (28g) aerodynamic lures like needlefish to extreme lure fishing distances were met with a rod that delivers the lure to range yet picks up the line on the strike and plays fish no matter at what range in-between those extremes your lure is intercepted. Somewhere in there will be the ideal match to your lure or float. A reel of a size between a 2500 and 4000 is fine on this rod though in tests the 3000 shallow spooled version offered the best combination of weight and balance.

This rod has been tested extensively with needlefish lures, slim style Finnish minnows, Devon minnows and a wide range of metal lures both spinning and in-line. Aside from lure fishing in the plugging or spinning style, the rod handles bombardas in floating/semi-sink and sinking from 10g to 35g + leader + flies or soft lure with consummate ease.

A 53cm handle is fitted to this model and allows the correct push/pull style of casting where the lower hand should contribute to the final effort you apply to send whatever projectile you choose to cast. The extra overall length makes it easier to fish from higher rocks and when wading in any surf or reaching over breaking waves as that reach with the tip works both ways.

The rod has also been used with floats utilising both fixed spool and center-pin reels in the steel-head style float jigging or drift style for a number of British sea species where the extra length both affords great line control and the flex needed to play out bonus sized bass, wrasse or pollock with lighter lines.

A very capable rod that turned out to be far more versatile than the original concept conceived.



  • Two equal sections.
  • Casting weight of 8-28grams.
  • Recommended line – 0.6PE-1.50PE / 6-10lb monofilament.
  • Padded rod case with all rods.

This is the multi range lure rod that was designed and tested for soft lures to around 9″ and hard lures in as wide a range (length and weight) as possible.

It is super fast, loads very easily and rewards the angler with long, controlled casts at ranges other rods cannot match with this amount of control. It works with ‘everything’ but, as most testing was done under the cover of darkness, you can pretty much work this rod with your eyes closed. It excels with weightless soft lures like senko’s and sluggos from 4 – 7″ fished in the soft needle style and yet, will work a top-water bait equally well whilst being a dream to work slim minnows at any depth. Because of it’s super, super fast recovery and balance system, it doesn’t throw wild loops of braid off the rod top which can lead to horrible braid knots when fishing weightless styles. Again though, this rod has been built for the modern lines that are available on today’s market. The power and compression reserves in this rod are truly unique; it is not at all stiff, never locks up and just delivers more as required.


  • Available as two equal sections or staggered tip.
  • Casting weight of 5-28grams.
  • Recommended line – 0.6PE-2.0PE / 6-14lb flurocarbon (10lb optimum).
  • Padded rod case with all rods.

This is a bit more specialist but perhaps the best choice if dealing with windy coastlines, kelp bottoms, proper big boulders or dense matted weeds like japweed and bootlace weeds. It will of course work well with all the methods described per the 7’ 3” model but, this rod has more initial power availability making it great for work in weed beds and around boulders. It moves line very quickly and has a stiffer tip than the 7’ 3”. This in turn makes it the ideal choice for jerk style hard minnows and a multitude of hard lures.

This rod will cast a good ounce of lead and this, along with the slightly stiffer tip makes it ideal for the Carolina rig (weight inline with the lure but, the lure carries no weight itself). This means that on those super windy days, you can keep contact with the weight but the fish can still pick up a weightless lure.

This rod excels at flipping. (Flipping has become a devastating close range method where a lure is lowered down behind some kind of structure or in to cover) The reel’s bail is engaged as wrasse and bass can hit so very hard that you need a strong, powerful rod but, still with very good bite detection.

An excellent vertical jigging rod for both jighead/soft lure and metals from the boat and kayak. The Staggered tip is recommended for Kayak and Boat where the mid section spigot is removed from the equation. The 7’7″ was designed to move the right amount of line on a strike, move around the bow and stern of a kayak and to give enough tip out of the water when skishing.


  • Available as two equal sections or staggered tip.
  • Casting weight of 3.5-25grams.
  • Recommended line – 0.6PE-1.5PE / 6-12lb flurocarbon (7.5lb optimum).
  • Padded rod case with all rods.

This is best suited to Texas rigging, weightless worm and presentations in clean to fairly heavy ground across a wide weight and line range. It will handle plugs to the rated specification with ease but is more in tune with crank-baits rod and minnow’s up to around 145mm. It has incredible balance that will work with reels in the 2000 – 3000 without modification and can handle pitching, flipping and overhead casting styles with ease. The rods are counter balanced with the fulcrum point based around the reel stem or, just in front. This is the do it all rod for Bass, Wrasse and a multitude of species from boat, kayak, skishing (wetsuit fishing) and shore.

The Staggered tip is recommended for Kayak and Boat where the mid section spigot is removed from the equation. 7-3″ was designed to move the right amount of line on a strike, move around the bow and stern of a kayak and to give enough tip out of the water when skishing.

Bite detection is electric and the power in the rod completely seamless no matter the fish size. Bass to over 10lb and wrasse to over 6lb have been taken on this model.